About us

Each new day presents opportunities for beauty, for toil, and for a mingling of the two. My work interprets life, nature, and creation as I perceive and experience it. The details- the majesty and the movement of creation-take my breath in each moment that I pause to realize the vastness of a world in which I am so small. 

Creation is The Masterpiece of all masterpieces. And the Creator, The Master Artist, is the Quintessential Talent. Everything that IS, is His original creation, and the Source from which I draw my inspiration. This Source is boundless, infinite, awe inspiring, and new every morning. I have come to understand that I cannot create as He alone creates. I am grateful, instead, for my vocation to be one that aims to offer a mere reflection, a glimpse, into the glory- the weightiness- of all that He so lavishly and graciously displays in His Creation. 

Hi! I'm Anna! My honey, Christian, and I live in Moultrie, Georgia and are originally from Moultrie, a small South Georgia community. We live in a small town in south GA and looooove the open skies, beautiful sunsets, and slow pace. I graduated with a degree in Jewelry and Metals (I know, most fun degree out there...) from the University of Georgia + we immediately launched Dustmade in October of 2014. It has been an absolute adventure and we feel so blessed to what we love everyday.