My name is Anna Edwards. My lovie, Christian, and I are owners and operators of Dustmade. Shortly after we married in 2014, we planted the seeds of Dustmade in Athens, GA. Now, we’re taking root in our hometown of Moultrie, GA. Moultrie is slow pace and beautiful and cozy…and, best of all-  it is home!


Over the past year, a lot has been taking place under the surface of Dustmade. Christian and I have been dreaming. Much like seeds need to germinate in order to produce fruit, we’ve felt we were to take a season to pause…and wait…and listen. It has been a sweet and necessary season, but also one that has made my heart pump and my mind go wild and crazy. We’re dreamers. And we dream BIG.


So now, finally, it’s time! All the dreaming and waiting and waiting and dreaming has brought us to this moment! We’ll be opening the doors of Dustmade Studio on November 8!


Dustmade Studio has been germinating as a magical and inspiring space in our hearts. What an incredible experience it has been to bring it to life and now to anticipate sharing it with you VERY SOON.


Dustmade Studio is a curated space that serves three distinct purposes: 


1 > a studio for me to create and fabricate handmade jewelry and unique items for your home.


2 > a workshop space for myself + other makers to teach, connect, inspire, and experience community. Artists, many of whom are featured in our shop, will offer workshops, interacting and sharing their trade with you. We’ll also use this space to host parties and workshops upon request as our schedule allows.


3 > a brick + mortar place for a shopping experience that is inspiring, uplifting, and welcoming- a place offering unique treasures not found anywhere else. Our heart is to offer vision and inspiration. We want to inspire you to cultivate strength and beauty…in your life and in your home.



In essence, our heart at Dustmade Studio is to welcome you home. We believe in the power of one’s home as a place to be refreshed and encouraged- a place to be uniquely you. At Dustmade Studio, we purpose to offer you a shopping experience that inspires you to be uniquely you and to celebrate that in your life and in your home.