Custom Bar Bracelet
Custom Bar Bracelet
Custom Bar Bracelet
Custom Bar Bracelet
Custom Bar Bracelet

Custom Bar Bracelet

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Sterling silver hammered bar with your word of choice hammered on it

Leather strap comes in gray, black, and brown

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Examples of popular word choices:






Any special/significant date

In 2016, we started the first annual "word of the year campaign." Our heart behind this campaign is that we, as women, would seek change in the new year. 

Every year, so many of us set New Years resolutions. While many of them fall off, we so believe in the importance of examining the year behind us-celebrating the exciting things and grieving the loss and the hard things- and looking ahead to the new year to dream, challenge, and wait expectantly for what the lord has in store!! In our house, Christian and I like to talk about things that we did well and and things that we feel like we can and need to grow in in the year to come. We dream both together and individually of the things we want to grow in so that we won't remain the same. This is something that we talk about and pray through with each other, our families, and our friends so that we are held accountable and can encourage and challenge each other throughout the year.

As we are almost a month into the new year and we are already beginning to forget what we proclaimed as our "resolutions" for 2017, I challenge you to take another look at those and COMMITT to change and growth this year.

We, at Dustmade, so believe in the importance of community and celebrating change and constantly asking how we can love better, serve better, speak more tenderly, etc so we would love to provide this bracelet as a reminder of your goals for the year! Join us for a year of Pursuit, Change, and Community!