It’s humbling, really.

Every single bit of this sweet little life we live. Though some days are mundane and some days hectic, each time I sit to reflect on who we are and what we do and who we get to do it with, I feel as if I am in a dream. And here’s how it went: Fell in love with my honey. Blindly pursued art school because he said I could do it. Married that sweet, sweet man. Launched Dustmade online a few months later.

Dustmade began in our little half a house on Easy Street in Athens and moved with us to our hometown of Moultrie, Georgia where we ran it out of our garage. Soon after, we became the brick + mortar shop that is Dustmade Studio today - in a building that has been in our family for more than 30 years.

I started out designing and hand making jewelry: a total one-woman show from start to finish. Since our start, Dustmade now showcases handmade jewelry, fresh blooms, hand-thrown ceramics, watercolor beauties, and a curated section of intentionally-made home goods and gifts. I get to come to work everyday with the dream team and dance in creativity and design.

Dustmade is our daily reminder that we are but dust. We are literally made of dust and to dust we will return. But, man! When we are walking in our passions and giftings, that dust comes alive and we get to live life to the absolute full. We, at Dustmade, seek to refresh, equip, and inspire YOU to be who you were created to be and do what you were created to do. Life is sweeter when we trust in the fullness of it.

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Anna Edwards

Anna is a formally-trained jeweler, wife to the sweetest guy, and mama to two precious little man cubs. She draws inspiration from the ins and outs of daily life, seeking beauty in the simple and seemingly mundane things. She spends portions of her days at Dustmade, dreaming and creating, and all the rest with her family going on long neighborhood walks and enjoying all things outside.

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Leah is a formally-trained ceramicist. She enjoys creating functional pieces that focus on organic colors and textures. Leah and her lovie enjoy nights in at home, cooking dinner together, and snuggling up to watch a movie. Leah spends her weekdays throwing and handbuilding pottery at Dustmade and her weekends anxiously awaiting the music from the ice cream truck.

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Amber is a self-taught watercolor artist. Amber is also Anna’s assistant in creating much of the handmade jewelry at Dustmade. She is a lover of all kinds of blooms and florals. When she’s not at Dustmade, you can find her browsing the aisles of plant nurseries, getting her hands dirty in her backyard garden, and sipping and reheating her morning coffee all. day. long.