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Decorative Plate Workshop


Create your own custom set of decorative plates to hang on your wall or use in your kitchen! We will be pressing objects, (such as pressed flowers, lace doilies, etc.) into the surface of a clay slab to create a decorative texture. You are welcome to bring your own texture items to use if you have a dried bouquet from a special occasion, heirloom doilies, or special keepsakes that you would like to press into your plates. If not, Leah will have plenty of options for you to choose from! Each participant will be given a 25" x 13" slab to cut their plate forms from. This size slab will yield a definite 3-5 plates. It is up to each participant what size of each plate they would like to create. Plate sizes range from 5" to 9" in diameter. 

Date: Thursday, June 13 + Thursday, June 20

Time: 6:00 pm - 8 pm EST


*This is a two part workshop. Part 1: Thursday, June 13th - Hand building plates. Part 2: Thursday, June 20th - Glazing.

*If are unable to attend "Part 2: Glazing" on Thursday, June 20th Leah will clear glaze your pieces for you.

*Decorative Plate Sets will be ready for pickup on Monday, June 24th.

* Note * Once you have purchased a workshop ticket, your spot is reserved and we are unable to refund or exchange your spot.